last updated
22 February 2010

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Artist Statement

I've been taking pictures since childhood and have come to appreciate that making a successful photograph is an enjoyable and challenging mix of art and technology.

Lighting, texture and composition define my photographs, but the difference between a snapshot and a good photograph is often decided by lighting. I prefer strong, direct lighting to produce saturated color, enhance texture and define shadows. Composition, perspective and depth of field control the spatial elements of the photograph to finish the job.

My favorite time to shoot outdoors is the "golden hour" before sunset. The lower light angle makes shadows and reveals texture while the warmer light contrasts with the blues and greens.

I digitally edit photos to crop, adjust dynamic range, color balance, saturation and contrast then digitally print them with archival quality ink and paper.

I abandoned the darkroom and never looked back after making an exceptional print in half an hour with a digital scanner, editor and printer. The print was superior to the Cibachrome version, which took me a weekend to produce, and I no longer smell like vinegar from the darkroom chemicals.